Well at long last, the very first story that I completed has been re-written and re-edited, and I love it. It started off being called Blue Skies and Stars, a title which I will probably use for another of my airline novels as I still like it. It is now called Air Guitar and Caviar which I love as much and is more appropriate for this novel. It’s about a busker who falls for an aloof air stewardess and has his work cut out trying to make her love him. Just when he becomes famous and it’s all looking good, Scarlett, the air stewardess, decides she can’t cope with his fame and leaves him. Will he be destined to play sweet music all on his own?

I now have three airline novels completed and have a good feeling about them.

This lovely little aircraft used to be called the ‘flying shed’ but we all knew her as Daisy cos her registration was Dasi. It was not a good aircraft to fly in bad weather, believe me!