Doesn’t time Fly!

Air Guitar and Caviar has been published for just over a month now and although it’s been wonderful and exciting to see it finally ‘out there’, I am surprised at how much it has drained me. The constant feeling that I should be promoting myself or my book is hard–and it’s not something that comes easily to a Brit of a Certain Age.

There are so many new eBooks published each day via Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, and such like, that my solitary little book, that means so much to me, could easily find itself disappearing down a metaphorical rabbit hole if I don’t keep my eye on it!

Air Guitar and Caviar_ Never heard of it.

But I am also very aware that the ‘buy my book’ approach can annoy people and finding the middle line is difficult.

Saying that, everyone has been totally fabulous in sharing posts and supporting me, even ‘Grandad John’ has taken a bunch of my business card to browbeat the members of his local art club into buying a copy of my book. (Thanks, John– and sorry art club members!)

I am aware that, now book one is out, book two needs to be sharp on its heels and the whole thing will start again before I’ve really paused for breath. This is now my life if I want to become a successful writer. I no longer have the luxury of faffing about and twiddling with the same page for ages, pretending that I’m doing sterling work when really, I have one eye on Facebook, while the other is checking out my eBay bids.

But I wouldn’t change it for anything. Already two complete strangers have messaged me to tell me how much they have loved reading my book. For me such validation is huge.


So, yes, book two is almost written and another air stewardess–Sapphire, this time, is telling her story. (No, the last one was called Scarlett, not Sapphire–do keep up!) Sapphire propositions her new boss in a hotel when she is drunk and now has to work very hard to gain his approval while fighting down her attraction towards him. The first chapter of this novel was shortlisted in a Flirty Fiction competition and has had so many different titles I can’t even remember what the latest one is: Brown Eyes Blue Skies, Blue Skies Lying Eyes, The colour of Skye, Samphire and Sand to name but a few. Who knows what it will be in the end? But for now, I’ll just keep on editing it and will try not to care when I’m outbid on eBay–because I’m now an author, don’t you know, and am far too busy writing, to keep an eye on such things!

Air Guitar and Caviar out now. :


About Jackie Ladbury

I write heart-warming contemporary romcoms and historical women’s fiction that is always guaranteed a happy ever after. From spending many years as an air-stewardess and seeing that it really is love that makes the world go around, I determined to put the same sparkle and emotion into my stories. My life is no longer as exotic (or chaotic) as it was in those heady days of flying around the world as I live a quiet life in Hertfordshire with my beautiful family and two pesky cats. Air Guitar and Caviar and The Magic of Stars are airline based novels and Christmas Kisses on Hollywell Hill is a stand-alone feel-good Christmas romance set in St Albans. The Potter's Daughter was published by Choc Lit/Ruby Fiction in February 2019 and Happy Christmas Eve was published Christmas 2019 by Ruby fiction/ Choc Lit.
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